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Environmental Services

Pipe Coating Removal

T&R Pipeline removes TGF-3 pipe coating containing asbestos and PCB's from pipe with a proprietary stripping system. The fully enclosed stripping chamber is operated under negative air and wet conditions, which adheres to the highest level of regulations. T&R Pipeline performs asbestos abatement services in accordance with EPA-NESHAP 40 CFR 61 Subpart M utilizing wet methods and negative air, as well as OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1101.

In addition, we are in full compliance with Texas State regulations on proper disposal of the ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) and PCB'S. At the completion of each project a chain of custody of the material and a signed manifest of proper disposal is returned to the client to demonstrate reduction of liability and mitigation of risks by T&R Pipeline. T&R Pipeline is a true "cradle to grave" abatement firm that does not third-party any aspect of the abatement process.

On the ROW

T&R Pipeline is the premier specialist in asbestos abatement on pipelines. We have ongoing working relationships with over 60 operators. Our abatement services are utilized not only by the pipeline operator, but are also frequently contracted by other pipeline service companies.

T&R will mobilize a crew with a 40-hour EPA-NESHAP accredited supervisor and 8-hour accredited personnel to perform proper abatement on pipelines. We have day rates available and provide services in all 50 states.

Essential Qualifications of a Pipeline Abatement Firm

T&R Pipeline strives to deliver industry leadership in service to our customers and their needs with regard to remediation, asbestos / PCB abatement, transport, and proper waste disposal. T&R complies with all local, state, and federal regulations and agencies. We have specialized in this highly regulated and precarious work for over a decade with success and will continue to search for new ways to improve our processes.

This is why it is so important to review the qualifications of the pipeline abatement firm you choose to ensure reduced liability. Listed below are the criteria T&R Pipeline holds itself to.