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The Company

T&R Pipeline is a mainline pipeline and distribution contractor, which also performs environmental remediation, idle or abandoned pipeline removal, directional drilled crossings, compressor stations, and demolition.  

The company has progressively grown as a privately owned business, with the owners actively involved in the business development. Our main office is located in Houston, Tx.

T&R Pipeline provides safe, environmentally sensitive and regulation-compliant pipeline services nationwide. The EPA is taking a close look at the issue of friability of asbestos coal tar coatings on line pipe. Environmental risk reduction is the biggest hot button issue facing pipeline owner/operators today, and T&R Pipeline operates in a way that abates that risk for our customers.

Work practices and training requirements can change with changes in material conditions. Pipeline owners who wish to manage their environmental and safety risk exposure consistently select T&R Pipeline for cradle to grave protection from liability in all components of the pipe conveyance process. 

Commitment to Quality

Our objective at T&R Pipeline is to provide our customers with services that meet or exceed their requirements and/or the requirements of recognized industry standards. By doing so, we also strive to continually improve the effectiveness of their business. 


T&R Pipeline owns, operates, and maintains a robust fleet of construction and support equipment, giving us the capability to adapt to most projects. T&R Pipeline believes that ownership of the operating equipment reduces the costs and enhances reliability, flexibility, and operational control. We take great pride in our reputation as having one of the best equipment fleets in the industry.